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Executive Leadership & Management Training in Virginia

by Rod Dunne on February 26, 2012

Corporations and organizations need strong leaders to run operations and to manage employees. If you feel like you have what it takes to be a leader, now is the time to complete organizational leadership training.

It is difficult to find a job as an executive leader if you have no experience in the industry and you do not have an educational background. If you are looking at job postings in Virginia and you are finding that each employer requires you to hold a degree you know that it is time to enroll into executive leadership development training in Virginia.

Compare different training programs and choose the program that will help build your skills and your resume.

Popular Courses in Virginia

You do not have to enroll in a formal academic leadership development program if you already possess a degree. You can attend a seminar or a workshop designed for degree holders or current executives that will teach you about field updates and new skills that may be valuable. There are several different seminars that are held in Virginia.

One of the most popular programs is offered by the American Management Association. The Advanced Executive Leadership Program that is offered through the AMA is an intensive three-day program that will develop you as a speaker, a leader, and a visionary. This leadership training program is held in Arlington, Virginia and is sure to improve your team’s performance as you learn to become a more effective teacher.

If you do not possess a degree you need to enroll in executive leadership developmental training in Virginia that is held at a college, a business school, or a vocational school. Most employers require all candidates for a position to hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s in Management to qualify for a position with their organization. This means that most students will enroll in a BA program and will choose to skip past an AMA program. If you want to enroll in a BA Business Management program, The Business School at Virginia College will build your foundation of knowledge so you can work in a number of different business sectors.

Fees and Duration of Courses and Programs

The cost of school has continued to rise. When you are enrolling in leadership courses online or on-campus, you should consider the cost of school before you choose a program. The AMA Executive Leadership Program costs $2545 to attend for three days. While this may sound high, it is a one-time fee that many employers are willing to pay for you. The cost of tuition is much higher when you attend any type of university of business school. In the US, the average cost of tuition for 4 years is about $81,360. The cost is a bit higher when you attend a private school or an online school. Make sure you allow at least 4 years to complete your BA program if you plan on attending school full-time.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements will vary from school to school. To attend a seminar, all you must do is pay the event cost and show up. To apply for admissions at a college, you must fill out the application and provide everything the college is asking for. For acceptance, some colleges require SAT scores, transcripts, and the completion of an entrance exam.

A college degree is very important in today’s service-oriented culture. If you are looking for a leadership position, you must possess leadership skills that others do not. Complete a BA program and then complete an MBA leadership program so you can excel in your position and make a difference in the organization.

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