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Executive Leadership Development and Education Training in Rhode Island

by Rod Dunne on January 8, 2012

The road to executive leadership development/skills training in Rhode Island is a good start to getting to that career you always wanted.

There are many kinds of executive leadership programs that offer a range of credentials including certificates and degrees.

There are a few ways you can decide what kind of leadership training program will help get you on the right track with your educational and career goals no matter what kind of lifestyle you have to accommodate.

Popular Training Course Providers in Rhode Island

One of the first places you might look for a leadership development program is a traditional campus university. The Community College of Rhode Island has the Institute for Leadership and Organizational Development that helps businesses provide their employees with certification preparation courses and customized training programs. If

you want to find leadership masters programs or other degree programs, you may need to turn to leadership courses online. There are many available such as Grand Canyon University, Saint Leo University and Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University that offer business courses with Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and master of business administration degrees.

You can also check with other organizations and institutions such as Journey Leaders if you want to find seminars and workshops offering training in skills having to do with leadership and management.

Expected Costs & Duration of Programs

Many people decline the chance to seek executive leaders/management development training in Rhode Island because of the cost and the amount of time a degree program can take.However, there are a few options that are available for those who need some flexibility in their leadership programs.

One option is to find out if an employer is offering a workshop or seminar for employees. These programs will typically be free of charge and shows the employer that you are taking the initiative to improve your work skills.

If you are considering taking a new professional career path with a business degree, you should consider the online degree programs available. Not only do these programs cost a fraction of what a traditional campus program would cost, but they also tend to have a shorter duration period.

In fact, if your schedule allows, you can finish a program within two to three years.

Basic Entry Requirements

One of the largest benefits of finding a seminar or workshop sponsored by an employer is that there tend to be little to no prior requirements involved. This is because you already have the job but are quite possibly lacking a few of the skills needed to get yourself in a leadership position.

However, whether you want to enroll in a campus or an online program, you will need a few other prerequisites in order to get into a program. In either case, you will need either a high school diploma or GED.

With some programs, you may even need to have a minimum grade point average as well as a minimum score on one of the required standardized tests. Furthermore, there may also be application fees or other practical considerations for online degree programs such as how much time you are able to commit to your studies.

Although sometimes it can present a challenge, the ends to getting executive leadership training in Rhode Island can be worth it. You can get yourself on a more lucrative career track and enjoy more job satisfaction with an advanced position. However, it is very important that you find the program that works best for you both in terms of your career goals and in terms of the program that fits best with your lifestyle demands.

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