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Executive Leadership Skills Training in Indiana

by Rod Dunne on February 23, 2012

If you want to work as an executive in Indiana you need to complete a degree program that will give you the skills you need to become an asset for the organization.

It is not typical for corporations to hire individuals with very little industry experience or training to be a leader. This is because with training comes valuable experience.

If you do not have experience as a leader, you can gain the experience you need by completing executive leadership & management development training in Indiana. There are a number of different types of leadership development programs offered by training institutes as well as colleges. Decide which leadership development training is right for you and complete your courses so you can find a high paying position.

Popular Courses in Indiana

Before you enroll in a program you should understand what types of programs are available. Not everyone needs to enroll in a degree-granting program. If you already possess a degree in business or some other area of management, you do not need to pursue another degree. You can, however, attend training seminars or earn a specialized certificate to add to your resume. Seminars only last a few days and will help you meet your professional goals.

The Kresge Foundation has partnered with Indiana University to offer online leadership courses for non-profit managers throughout the state. Some of the many courses offered include: Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, Program Evaluation, and more.

If you do not possess a degree you need to commit time to earning one if you want to find a leadership position in Indiana. Without a degree you do not stand a chance finding a position against all of the applicants who hold degrees. There are a number of different routes you can take when you are pursuing your degree. The most popular route is to enroll in a Business Management Bachelor of Arts degree program with a strong focus on communication and global business. Indiana University East offers several different programs through their School of Business and Economics. Some of the programs include Business Management and Marketing with a strong focus on Operation Management. This is a Bachelor of Science degree that will take you a long way. After you complete this program, you can move on to earning your Master’s for better opportunities.

Fees and Duration of Courses

A major consideration you will have to keep in mind is how much executive leadership skills training in Indiana will set you back. The cost of certificate programs may vary. In-class courses will last 2 days and online courses will last 4 weeks.

If you apply for admissions at a college or business school, you should expect to pay a lot more than you would for a seminar or a certificate. This is because you have to complete 8 semesters of study to earn your Bachelor’s when you are enrolled in school full-time. The average cost of college in Indiana is $9254 per year. Some of this cost is covered by financial aid for students who qualify.

Entry Requirements

There are several different requirements you must meet before you can enroll in school. You should sit with a counselor to discuss the requirements for the business sales leadership development program that interests you the most. You may need to order your official transcripts and pass an entrance exam if the school requires it.

You will make up the money you spend to go to school once you find a high paying position. Complete your leadership training in Indiana and then work for a Fortune 500 company so you can use all of the skills you built throughout school.

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