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Executive Management and Leadership Development Training in Connecticut

by Rod Dunne on January 21, 2012

You have many options when it comes to executive leaders training in Connecticut. Finding a suitable executive leadership development program means looking into your short and long term goals for your career or company.

You can look into the various kinds of leadership training programs from short workshops and seminars to a longer MBA leadership development program.

No matter your goals, you can find an ideal leadership training course that will help you reach them.

Most Popular Course Providers in Connecticut

The first step in finding the right courses is to find out where your options lie.

    • For instance, you may find programs such as those presented by Global Executive Development for business owners, directors, entrepreneurs, executives and managers.
  • You can also look to national outlets such as Sales Advantage and Journey Leader that customize programs for employers.
  • Incumbent employees and current workers can find the American Management Association for developing executive leadership seminars or the University of Connecticut Continuing Education Studies program.

Some of these programs offer online leadership training, but there are also distance learning courses from the many online outlets that offer certificate and advanced degree programs. However, with these programs, you will more than likely find the training you need within a business program. Although there are graduate certificates, you can also look into associate’s, bachelor’s and even master’s degrees within the many business and management programs.

Standard Entry Requirements

The requirements for executive management training in Connecticut will vary depending upon the kind of program you decide to pursue.

  • If your employer has brought in a company to motivate employees and improve productivity, you will probably already have access to these courses. Some employers may look at job performance as a prerequisite, but this will depend upon the employers’ intentions.
  • If you have found a workshop or seminar through your own means, you will probably only have to pre-register for the program and pay a registration fee.
  • However, some of the community programs do not even require a fee and are free to those residing within the area. You will have to meet some educational requirements when you decide to pursue a degree or certificate program.
  • Most online programs require at least a high school diploma or GED. Some may even require previous college or active military experience and minimum age requirements.

Expected Fees & Duration of Programs

One of the benefits of finding a seminar or workshop through an employer is that you usually do not have to pay for the course.

  • If you find a community oriented program, you may also find this free of charge. However, other seminars may cost as much as a college course but not last as long. For instance, the three-day program from the American Management Association can cost between $2000 and $2500 depending upon whether or not you are a member of the organization.
  • Just as with a degree program, the costs are counted as credits. However, for a degree program, you are charged per credit hour for each course you take. Also, you can find certificate programs that may last less than a year or work toward an associate’s degree or even an MBA that may take more than three years.

These are a few of the options you have for executive leaders training in Connecticut. There are programs that are more ideal for employers and entrepreneurs just as there are programs better suited to employees looking to climb the professional side of any industry.

Furthermore, there are programs that may help those with short term goals like promotion and those looking for long term career advancement.

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