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About the Executive Leadership Training H.Q.

by Rod Dunne on December 30, 2011

If you are seeking training because of a recent promotion into an executive/leadership role, or have several years executive management experience in which to brush up on your skills, then you’ve come to the right place. On the Executive Leadership Training HQ.com I’ll detail those key training programs, MBAs and leadership skills workshops in your own state which provide truly applicable skills.

The decisions that executive leaders make have a bearing on every aspect of the companies business operations and ultimately its success. This makes the need for executive leadership development training all the more critical. It ensures strategies relating to marketing, business development, sales and innovation are based on best practices.

By following a suitable leadership development program it becomes possible to develop long-term planning horizons for the companies capabilities, growth and planning requirements.

These skills are critical in mature companies where operational efficiency becomes critical. However, executive leadership training courses are also essential for new startup companies where budding entrepreneurs need the right advice and guidance early on regarding business models, outsourcing, marketing choices, branding, etc.

And this is where the Executive Leadership Training HQ can help you locate suitable courses within your own state which suit your own individual context.

What’s So Unique About the Executive Leadership Training HQ?

If you do a quick search online for organizational leadership training courses then you’ll quickly find that there are a vast number of programs to choose from. Your dilemma is trying to filter out which course to choose.

Where I believe this website can help you is by defining which courses can provide the most benefit to based on your own individual context.

Finding the right leadership and training course focuses on some key contextual areas:

  • Finding the best training provider close to where you live
  • Your time availability may limit the duration of courses you can attend as well as your ability to attend full-time/part-time
  • Picking courses that suit your experience (running a mature enterprise versus the entrepreneurial skills required when running a startup)

Executive leadership training courses are listed on this site on a state-by-state basis. Naturally, you want to find the best courses local to you so filtering out programs by location is always your starting point.

I also realize that not everybody can study full-time and so should also consider courses that can workaround a full-time work role. For this reason, I detail available leadership courses online, part-time programs and part-time MBA leadership development programs in your state.

Finding the Right Training Course to Suit Your Objectives

The major dynamic variable when searching for courses is something closer to home – Your own objectives and constraints.

For this reason, I define courses based on their suitability for different types of students/executives based on three criteria as follows:

  1. Executive leaders with existing experience
    If you already have several years of work experience then your major focus will be on fine-tuning specific skills, learning about new areas (e.g. digital marketing, outsourcing, innovation management) or taking your career to the next step with an MBA. I define those leadership development training programs which can help you in each of these areas.
  2. Executives seeking to improve their general skills & abilities on a part-time basis
    In this instance, you need short duration leadership development programs or part-time courses which can be studied evenings/weekends or even at your own pace. Many business schools, universities and training providers understand that individuals and executives need to hold down full-time jobs. Many offer part-time alternatives for their certificates/MBA leadership development programs as a result. It is also worth considering what types of leadership courses online could also be pursued, especially as these often can be done at your own pace.
  3. Executives seeking to improve their capabilities and can study full-time
    The optimum solution is to take some time off (anything from a few days to a few months) to complete your studies full-time. I detail various MBA leadership development programs, business school degree programs and other executive leadership training options for each state.

Roderick Dunne - Innovation and Project Management - Profile PicAbout the Author/Editor: Roderick Dunne.. or Rod to My Friends


Rod is the owner, editor and principal author of Executive Leadership Training HQ.com. I have worked in software development in various capacities and IT consultancy since 1993 after graduating from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).

Over the intervening years I’ve worked in all sizes of companies from small startups to multinationals. In addition, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the finance sector, government organizations, software/tech development, advertising and insurance in Europe as well as the US and Australia

In recent years I focused on technology and innovation management roles as well as some freelance work, blogging and IT consultancy. My interest in innovation management stems back from my studies in 2007. I completed a Masters in Technology and Innovation Management from University College Dublin, Ireland, while still working full time.

Prior to the course I would’ve preferred to study full-time in order to focus 100% on the executive leadership training I was receiving. However, in hindsight obtaining an MBA on a part-time basis also allowed me to apply my studies in the real world during the day while studying evenings & weekends.

If there are any details or information on the site you wish to follow up on then please leave comments at the bottom of each article’s page. Alternatively you can contact me via this websites¬†contact page, link up on Google+,¬†via facebook or all you brevity fans can tweet me.

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